Cleaning Jobs In Canada For Foreigners With Visa Sponsorship

Canada’s cleaning industry plays a crucial role in maintaining clean and hygienic environments in homes, offices, and public spaces. For foreigners seeking job opportunities in Canada, cleaning jobs offer a promising path, often with visa sponsorship available. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how foreigners can secure cleaning jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship, including qualifications, visa application processes, and tips for living and working in Canada.

Understanding Visa Sponsorship

Visa sponsorship is a process by which an employer in Canada sponsors a foreign worker for a work visa, allowing them to legally work in the country. For cleaning jobs, the most common types of visas sponsored are through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). These visas are typically valid for a specific period and may be renewable under certain conditions.

Canada’s Resilient and Growing Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry in Canada has remained extremely resilient, even throughout challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses, office towers, schools, hospitals, private homes, and more rely heavily on cleaners and janitors now more than ever before. As people gradually return to physical offices and workplaces, the demand for cleaning staff will likely grow even further.

This continually high demand makes cleaning jobs abundant all across Canada. Open positions exist within commercial office towers, retail establishments, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and private residences. Cleaners are needed during early mornings, evenings, weekends, and overnight. There are opportunities for full-time, part-time, casual, and on-call work. The variety of hours and flexibility make cleaning roles accessible for many.

For most cleaning tasks, extensive English fluency and communication skills are not strictly required. The work often involves more physical abilities. This makes cleaning jobs especially suitable for newcomers still gaining proficiency in English or French. With basic comprehension and teamwork skills, the roles are very feasible.

With so many diverse cleaning jobs continuously opening across various sectors, newcomers have strong prospects for immediate employment upon arrival. They can also progress into more senior positions over time with Canadian work experience. There is ample opportunity for career growth.

Qualifications and Requirements

To qualify for cleaning jobs in Canada, candidates are typically required to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Previous experience in cleaning or related fields is often preferred but not always mandatory, as employers may provide on-the-job training. Additionally, candidates should possess good communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Finding Cleaning Jobs in Canada

There are several online resources and job boards dedicated to listing cleaning job opportunities in Canada. Websites such as Indeed, Workopolis, and Monster often have a wide range of job listings for foreigners seeking cleaning jobs. Networking is also a valuable tool for job seekers, as attending industry events and connecting with professionals in the field can lead to potential job opportunities.

Visa Application Process

The process of applying for a work visa for cleaning jobs in Canada can be complex and time-consuming. It typically involves the following steps:

  1. Job Offer: Secure a job offer from a Canadian employer who is willing to sponsor your visa.
  2. Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA): The employer must obtain an LMIA from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), certifying that there are no qualified Canadian workers available for the position.
  3. Visa Application: Once the LMIA is approved, the employer can submit a work permit application on your behalf to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
  4. Interview: If the application is approved, you may be required to attend an interview at the Canadian visa office in your home country.
  5. Visa Issuance: If the interview is successful, you will be issued a work visa, allowing you to travel to Canada and begin working.

Living and Working in Canada

Living and working in Canada as a foreign cleaning worker can be a rewarding experience, but it also comes with its challenges. The cost of living varies depending on the location, with major cities generally being more expensive than rural areas. Housing options range from apartments to shared housing, with many employers offering accommodation for their employees. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the local culture and customs, as well as the laws and regulations governing employment in Canada.

Success Stories

There are many success stories of foreigners who have found fulfilling careers in the Canadian cleaning industry. One such story is that of Juan, a cleaning worker from Mexico who came to Canada on a work visa. Juan started as a janitor in a commercial building but with hard work and dedication, he was promoted to a supervisory position within a few years. Juan’s story serves as an inspiration to others seeking cleaning jobs in Canada, showing that with determination and perseverance, anything is possible.

Popular Immigration Programs to Sponsor Cleaners

A significant advantage of choosing cleaning job is the variety of visa sponsorship packages available. These unique immigration channels grant work permits and, eventually, permanent residency to foreign workers recruited in Canadian cleaning jobs.

1. Provincial Nominee Programs

Canadian provinces and territories can recommend newcomers for permanent residency based on employment offers from local firms. Most areas have “streams” designed for lower-skilled occupations with labor shortages, such include cleaning jobs.

Foreigners who are engaged by a Canadian business for a valid cleaning employment can seek for provincial nomination. If approved for nomination, individuals can easily get permanent residence status in Canada.

Each province has different regulations for these streams. However, most do not require much prior cleaning expertise. The employment just has to provide full-time hours and earnings that are reasonable for the area. These basic requirements make provincial nominee schemes quite appealing.

Because they result with permanent status, provincial programs are one of the quickest methods for foreigners to get permanent residency in the cleaning industry.

2. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

The four Atlantic provinces in Eastern Canada jointly offer this program to fill regional labor shortages in key occupations like cleaning services. It follows a process similar to provincial nominees. But the Atlantic program has some unique perks.

Under the pilot, candidates can submit expressions of interest directly without needing job offers upfront. If their profile is approved, they can obtain temporary work permits and begin working in Canada. The program also offers helpful job search supports and incentives for designated employers to hire participants.

With a suitable permanent cleaning job offer, applicants within the program can then readily qualify for permanent residency within just 6 months. Cleaning roles are heavily targeted by the program.

3. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

This immigration pilot program facilitates newcomers settling in Canada’s rural towns and more remote northern communities. Foreign nationals who plan to reside outside major urban centers can work closely with local employers in smaller regions.

Interested employers provide letters confirming jobs they need to fill. With these employer letters, newcomer applicants can obtain initial temporary work permits for Canada. After establishing themselves within the community, workers can transition to permanent resident status.

For those open to life outside bigger cities, this program represents an excellent opportunity to find cleaning jobs. Canada’s rural small towns and northern regions often have difficulty finding enough local applicants for openings like cleaners.

4. Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program enables Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals to fill jobs on temporary work permits. Permits can last up to 2 years before renewal is required. The program is used widely within the cleaning industry to address urgent short-term labor gaps.

These temporary stints can eventually lead to permanent residence once workers accumulate enough Canadian experience to qualify for provincial programs. But the temporary program alone does not directly offer permanency. It’s mainly utilized to access initial Canadian work exposure in fields like cleaning services.

Strategies for Gaining Work Visa Sponsorship as a Cleaner

When seeking cleaning jobs in Canada as a newcomer, it’s important to focus on the best visa pathways. Consider the following tips:

  • Carefully review which immigration programs align with lower-skilled cleaning positions. Provincial and rural programs often provide the best options.
  • Consider both smaller communities and big cities when researching locations to improve chances for sponsorship.
  • Highlight transferable soft skills like punctuality, reliability, and organization. These can outweigh lack of direct prior cleaning experience.
  • Have resumes reviewed by a local immigrant-serving agency to ensure they align with Canadian employer preferences and expectations.
  • Consider specialized labour recruitment agencies that connect newcomers with urgent job openings like cleaning roles.
  • Target online job ads that state openness to hiring newcomers, foreign applicants, and those with visa sponsorship needs.
  • Attend in-person job fairs meant for immigrants and newcomers to directly network and meet employers.
  • Get involved with ethnic community associations. These groups often promote cleaning job vacancies to their members.
  • Develop functional English or French language abilities. Enough to comprehend basic instructions and communicate effectively.
  • Complete short-term training credentials related to cleaning which reassure employers.

Top Regions and Cities Hiring Foreign Cleaners

1. Toronto

As Canada’s largest city, Toronto is home to some of the country’s biggest cleaning companies that serve major commercial clients. These large providers continually hire cleaners to service Toronto’s dense concentration of office towers, hotels, hospitals, and more. Smaller family-run cleaning operations also commonly employ newcomers.

2. Vancouver

Vancouver’s expanding technology sector powers demand for cleaners in the city’s glass office towers downtown. Vancouver also has an extensive hospitality sector with hotels, restaurants, and convention centers needing cleaning personnel. Provincial and rural pilot programs can assist applicants in securing positions.

3. Calgary

Major oil and gas companies’ Calgary headquarters provide cleaning work on their sprawling corporate campuses. Employers in the retail, hotel, education, and property management industries frequently hire cleaners to keep their properties clean.

4. Montreal

Montreal’s many universities, hospitals, and corporate offices hire numerous janitorial and cleaning staff. Bilingualism in French and English provides advantage for many roles. The Quebec Investor Immigrant Program also provides a distinct pathway to permanent status.

5. Rural and Northern Communities

Canada’s rural small towns and remote northern settlements struggle to find enough local cleaners. Opportunities exist for immigrant cleaners within schools, hotels, hospitals, senior homes, industrial camps, and mining sites. The rural immigration pilot offers a streamlined road to permanency.


Cleaning jobs in Canada offer a unique opportunity for foreigners to work in a vital industry with visa sponsorship available. By understanding the qualifications and requirements, navigating the visa application process, and embracing the challenges of living and working in a new country, foreigners can find success in the Canadian cleaning industry. With the right skills and attitude, a career in the Canadian cleaning industry can be both rewarding and fulfilling.

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