Opay USSD Code: New Updated Codes as at May 2023

Opay USSD code has been making banking easier for the users of Opay, a Fintech company commonly used by Nigerians. However, because this codes are just launched on Opay some years back, there are many users that don’t know how the codes work and even know some of these codes offhand.

This article today will focus on steps by steps by which users of Opay can easily use the Opay USSD code. As well, the article will let you know the reasons why your Opay USSD code is not working at some instances.

What is Opay USSD code: Reasons for Using Opay USSD.

Opay USSD code refers to the unstructured supplementary service data code that can be used to carry out some transactions even if we don’t have data on our phones or we are using phones that are not internet enabled.

These codes have always been a savior to majority of the Opay users especially as it may be easier to use than using app. It only a dial away from our phones and it is also easier to know the codes offhand since if is just a 3-digit number.

Opay USSD Code

How to Activate Opay USSD code on our Phone.

Opay USSD code cannot just start working on our phone without taking some steps. This is one of the reasons why we need how to activate opay USSD code on our phones.

To do this, we don’t much stress as the steps are very straightforward and can easily be set up even if we are not using internet enabled phones. We only need to follow the following steps to get it activated:

  • Users must have created account with Opay before using Opay USSD code.
  • The code must be dialed on the connected phone numbers.
  • GLO SIM users may have some troubles using these codes. ( Users are no longer allowed *347*955#)

Users may not have Airtime on their phones before they can use their Opay USSD code. To get it activated, you only need to dial *955*the recipient number and ends it with hash tag sign.

Opay USSD Code for Balance

Users of Opay can easily check their balances using the USSD code. It can easily be done using the code, *955*0#. Then you will be required to insert your PIN to finish the transaction.

It may be easier if the users decide to follow prompt actions which will enable them to view what they are doing. To do this, the following steps will be followed:

  • Dial *955#
  • Select Next or press 4.
  • Then you insert your pin.

Opay USSD Code for Data.

As you can check your money on Opay, you can also use the same service to buy data for yourself or for others, may be your friend. That means, you don’t need to be worried if you run out of data or either your family or friends call you for a data subscription. You can easily dial the code code, *955*4*with the recipient number and amount before ending it with hashtags.

Alternatively, you can follow this process to get this done:

  • Dial *955#
  • Select the data option which is usually 4.
  • Enter the phone number of the recipient
  • Enter the amount as well.
  • Then, insert your PIN.

Opay USSD Code for Airtime

Opay USSD code can also be used to get airtime for your loved ones and you as well. To get this done, we can easily get this code to be dialed on the number that is connected with the Opay number: *955*2*amount#.

If you are buying airtime for someone else, you need to put the person’s number before you add the amount and ends with #.

For instance, *955*2*recipient number*amount #.

Otherwise, it can be done this way:

  • Dial *955#
  • Chose airtime option, it is usually number 2.
  • Write the person’s number, if it is not your line.
  • Enter the amount as well.
  • Then insert your PIN to finalize the transaction.

Opay USSD Code for Transfer

You can easily transfer to your friends and families whether they use Opay or they don’t. You only need to dial this code to get it started: *955*1*amount*recipient account number and then hash.

You can as well follow the following prompt up to get it done:

  • Dial *955#.
  • Click transfer, it is always in the first option.
  • Then you can click 1 for Opay users while 2 for other bank users.
  • Select bank name for the other bank users.
  • Enter the amount
  • Select the bank name.
  • Then you choose the amount.
  • The you insert the PIN.

Opay USSD Code for Withdrawal

It is amazing that Opay allows its users to withdraw their money using just USSD code. This means users do not have to worry if they don’t have ATM card or they are far away from where banks are located. Users will only need to follow this instruction:

  • Dial *955#.
  • Click on withdrawal option. It is always in the 7tn option.
  • Click on Opay’s agent POS number.
  • Write the amount.
  • Then insert your PIN.

Opay USSD Code for Betting

You can fund your betting websites with Opay USSD code. This can be done by making sure you follow the instruction below to prevent you from making any mistake whatsoever:

  • Users will dial *955#
  • Click option 3 where you will see betting and electricity.
  • Choose betting
  • Choose betting website that you want to fund
  • Enter the amount that you want.
  • Insert you PIN.

Opay USSD Code for Saving

If you want to save and be earning interest on your savings on daily basis, this has been made possible. Opay has a code for this and it can be accessed by following this procedures:

  • Opay users will need to dial *955#
  • Click on saving option. It is usually in number 6.
  • Put the amount that you wish to save.
  • Insert PIN.

Opay USSD Code for OTP.

If you are paying payment and you are being sent an OTP ( One Time Password). You can get the code again by making sure you dial the following code: *955*010#.

Opay USSD Code for Loan

Users may want to get some loans from Opay. This is also made possible. You only need to dial *955# and follow the prompt messages that will be shown after dialing the code.

Opay Loan: The Necessary Requirements for the Loan

Opay Loan is available for any opay users that meets the following prerequisites:

  • Applicants must be Nigerians.
  • The age requirement is 18 years of age.
  • Applicants must be active user of Opay.
  • There should be BVN made available.
  • There should be working email.
  • It can only be effectively done on internet phones.

Steps Requirement to Get Opay Loan.

  • Ussrs must download Opay app store on Google Playstore or iOS market.
  • Install and register all the application.
  • Verify the necessary documents and information.
  • Apply for the Opay Loan navigating through the menu and wiggles.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions of the Loan.
  • Wait for the approval.

Opay USSD Code for E-Pin.

In case you want to generate online PIN for any examination. You can dial the following code to get it done:

  • Users should dial *955#.
  • Click on next, which is always on number 0.
  • Click on the examination type
  • Input the amount and PIN to finalize the transaction.

Opay USSD Code to Check Withdrawal Situation.

There are some situations that we may need to track our withdrawal situation maybe after we have made some transactions. Users can trace the situation by following the neccssary codes below:

  • Users need to dial *955#
  • Click on next
  • Then you click on withdrawal situation. It is usually in number 13.

The users can do the following with their withdrawal situation:

  1. Deposit order to check the queue we have on deposit.
  2. Withdrawal order to check the queue we have on withdrawal.
  3. Transfer order to check the queue we have on transfer.
  4. POS transfer to check the queue we have on Point of Sale order.

How to Set Opay USSD Code PIN

It is possible to change and reset our PIN. Not only that , we can as well restrict our transactions limit, restrict our account by stop some transactions. All what the users need to do is to follow the instructions:

  • Dial *955#
  • Then click on next till you reach 13 or Manage account
  • Follow the prompt up messages.

Opay USSD Code for Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB).

For the users of of GTB, you can dial *737*22#. Then you need to follow the instructions. For instance, you can press for the Opay transactions and 2 for other banks.

Opay USSD code for MTN, Airtel, GLO and Etisalat.

Users of MTN, Airtel, GLO and Etisalat can use Opay USSD code on their networks by dialing*955#. Though, there is no much different from the options that may be shown. Users will then need to choose the option that suits the transaction that needed to be done.

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Why is my Opay USSD code not working?

Of recent, some people may experience downtime while using their Opay USSD code. If you experience this, it is widely believed to be the network issue. It is only GLO users that may experience that prior June 2022, when the Opay changed the code for the GLO users. ( Code was changed from*347*955# to *955#).

If you discovered that your Opay USSD code is not working, you can easily wait for sometimes and then try again. Also, you need to make sure you are using that right code for each transaction.

Another thing we should note when this happens is that, we should make sure that we are using the network lines that we connected to our Opay service. If all these have been done, then we may wait for the network to be restored.

Opay USSD Code


The article has put the existing and new users of this website through some steps that are needed to make transactions using Opay USSD code.

However, questions, suggestions and advice are highly welcomed for us to continue giving you the best that you deserve.


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