Naked Insurance Reviews: Latest Information (2023)

Are you a car owner and you want to insure it against any damage, theft, fire or any other instances? Have you heard of Naked Insurance of recent but you don’t trust the platform? Then, this article may be for you. This website will let you have the full access to Naked Insurance Reviews and you will able to decide whether to insure your vehicles with the company or not.

You only need to read the article attentively to clearly know what your choice may be on whether to insure with the Naked Insurance or not.

Naked Insurance Reviews

Naked Insurance Reviews: General Overviews.

Naked Insurance Reviews have been made necessitated as many people being worried about their safety with the company, Naked Insurance. But before any thing is written on Naked Insurance reviews, there is need to quickly known some background of the insurance company, Naked Insurance.

Naked Insurance was established in 2016 by Alex Thompsons and Sumarie Greybe. The headquarters of the company is situated in South Africa but has been providing insurance policies to people outside South Africa as well.

The company was a subsidiary of Hollard Insurance company. It is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in South Africa when it comes to providing car insurance for the people of South Africa.

Naked Insurance car insurance ranges from R50 to R5,000,000 every month depending on the type of insurance to be run with the company.

Naked Insurance reviews: Car Insurance Policy.

There is need to write extensively but concisely on Naked Insurance Reviews in order to guide people that may want to insure their vehicles with the company. In South Africa, there is always a case of road accident making many car owners to lose their vehicles, hence, Naked Insurance has come to put a stop to that with its insurance policy aiming at ensuring that no one losses vehicle to any instance any longer, being it accident, fire, theft and other instances.

There are various policies that Naked Insurance has outlined to ensure that the above is very possible. They include insuring vehicles on comprehensive policy, third party policy and insurance policy pause. The review of all these will be discussed on before the general review on the company will now be discussed on.

Naked Insurance Reviews on Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Though this is very expensive but it is worth it. Comprehensive insurance ensures that the customers have their cars protected against any form of damages that may happen to the vehicles right from the time of purchase to the time that it may be affected by any damage.

The comprehensive insurance policy ensures that policy also covers any damage that may be done to the third party as well. It is extended to cover the driver of the vehicles but it has to be the driver register with the company. The premium for this policy may be up to R500 per month depending on the car and the time it is insured.

Naked Insurance Reviews on Third Party Car Insurance.

The other type of car insurance that’s available for the people in Naked Insurance is the Third Party Car Insurance. This ensures that the car of the third party will be repaired if the car causes damage the car. This may not cover any other instances as the comprehensive one will cover.

Invariably, someone that’s running on third party car insurance policy will not be able to get his car protected against theft, fire, accident and other instances that is not institute against third party.

Naked Insurance Reviews on Insurance Cover Pause.

Naked Insurance does consider difficult time for its customers. Thus, customers may decide not to continue with their policies whenever they find it difficult to continue. They may start paying the premium when they have the capacity to pay. Some may even decide to be paying only 50% of the premium. This is one of the reasons why customers have more trust and confidence in Naked Insurance. The price quotes may be found here.

Naked Insurance Quotes.

It is very easier to get quotation on what to be paying as a customer on Naked Insurance. You can easily visit the official website to get a quote withing 90 seconds. Generally, there are different factors that do affect the naked Insurance quote and among those factors are the age of the vehicle, insurance plans and others.

It is very possible to be given at least R180 per month on car insurance while the home insurance is always around R43 per month. There may be terms and conditions on this quotes.

Naked Insurance Contacts.

Naked Insurance has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was founded in 2016 by Alex Thompsons and Sumarie Greybe. To get the details of the following, you can contact them through the following:

Phone number: 0860995125.

Email Address:

HelloPeter Naked Insurance Reviews.

Customers have been giving thumbs up for Naked Insurance because of its outstanding performance on HelloPeter. The website which is regarded as one of the most effective rating website have the following rating for Naked Insurance.

  • 8.7 over 10 for Trust Index Rating. That’s the website has so much trust on the company.
  • Number 20 in insurance company in South Africa.
  • 67 Net Promoter Score.

This strongly shows that the company is strongly trustworthy and can be trusted.

Final Thoughts

Naked Insurance Reviews is needed for many people who just get new cars or people that want to change their insurance company. Naked Insurance company is a household name when it comes to insurance companies in South Africa, that’s why people have put much interest on the platform.

There have been many positive comments and rating for the website on different rating websites. This has clearly shown that the website is to be trusted when it comes to car insurance policy.

However, this doesn’t not mean that the website doesn’t have any negative comments at all. For instance, there have been some customers that have accused the company of late response to issues. Some among the customers as well have accused the company of high and expensive cost of insurance premiums.

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Conclusion and Disclaimer.

This article has let the readers know some vital information about Naked Insurance company by giving holistic reviews on some of the company’s policies and as well the company in general. However, this article should not be substituted for the official information that can be gotten from the official website.

Readers are free to comment by asking questions on some of the questions that they do not really understand about the Naked Insurance. They can also use the comment box to give candid advice and as well suggestions to us.

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