MTN New codes in Nigeria: Updated, May 2023.

Most users of MTN telecommunication network has been kept unaware of the new MTN new codes as directed by the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC). Majority of the users are still holding on to the old ways of checking their balance and as well as others services that need USSD.

Today, this website will walk you through the new ways of checking your balances and other activities using the new MTN new codes.


MTN new codes

MTN new Codes: NCC Directive

MTN new codes were activated in the late days of April, 2023 following the instructions of the Nigerian Communication Commission’s directives which asked all the networks to stick to a unified ways of carrying out USSD services, this made MTN to be the first networks in Nigeria to abide by the new NCC directives.

The communique was communicated in March, 2023 and put the deadline as May, 2023.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that MTN tried all what it could, to propagate the MTN new codes to its users, majority of its users couldn’t get the details as they are used to the new ways of checking the unstructured supplementary service data.

Benefits of using Unified USSD: MTN new codes.

NCC has directed all telecommunication networks to adopt the new codes for some benefits which include:

Easy to remember:

Now, users of all telecommunication networks will only need to memorize some sets of codes for all networks. Prior this time, users would have to memorize different codes for different network providers. These at times, come with difficulty as 84% of these codes are 3 digits, 98% are 4 digits while 99% are 5 digits.

Less Burden for NCC:

NCC would have lesser work to do since they don’t need to deal with issue of network outage from a particular network separately. Now, networks will be dealt with uniformly.

Easy access to all lines:

Now, NCC would have access to all networks and all users details. This may invariably reduce the burden from network providers, as this duty will be solely be a responsibility of the NCC.

Disadvantages of the unified USSD: MTN new codes

MTN new codes, as directed by the NCC would surely have many disadvantages against having advantages. Some of the disadvantages of the the MTN new codes will include:

Difficult to adapt

Users may find it difficult to adapt to the MTN new codes. In fact, majority of the users are not even aware of the new codes. They are still stuck to the old ways of checking their data and balances and other USSD services.

Network issue:

Whenever there is problem with the network, it will likely affect the other networks. This would create a problem as users may not have other alternatives than to just wait for the networks to be restored.

No autonomous for the network providers.

This directive is from the NCC and not from the telecommunication networks. This means they will not be having authority over the new codes. In fact, most of the telecommunication network providers may not even be happy with the new codes.

MTN new codes to check balance.

To check balance, MTN users should not dial the defunct code again but now, they have to dial *310#.

MTN new code to check data balance.

To check the data balance, users will have to dial *323#. This is the new code against the old one which was *131#.

MTN new codes to recharge.

To recharge your line as an MTN users, you will not need *555* PIN again, now you will need to dial *311#.

MTN New Codes to call Call center.

The users of MTN can now dial 300 to make call through to the customer service. Gone are the days when they only needed to dial 180 to speak to the customer care center.

MTN new codes to check NIN.

Prior this time, users will have to dial *506# to check their National Identity Number (NIN). However, these days, users will need to dial *966#.

Other USSD MTN new codes.

  • To check your Value Added System ( VAS), dial *305#.
  • To check you share service which will enable you to share your data and airtime with your families and friends, you will dial *321#.
  • To borrow data, gone are the day when you dial *606# on your MTN line, now you can dial *303#.
  • You may want to check the data plan that you believe into, you will only need to dial *312#.

Airtel, Etisalat and GLO new codes.

Other networks have not really activated these new codes. This means, to do all the aforementioned services on other networks in Nigeria, you can still use their previous codes.

Though, NCC has stipulated May 17th, 2023 as the deadline for the implementation of the new codes, no one knows what awaits other network providers, aside MTN, that have not adopted the new codes.

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MTN new codes will be one of the most searched information and to get you informed, this article has let you know the codes ahead. However, just have you read, other network providers have not activated their codes.

This website will also notify you when other networks activate the new codes as directed by the NCC. You may want to comment, ask questions or advice, the comment box is waiting for you.


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