Kmimk: Loan Application, Review, App Download and Websites (2023)

Kmimk is a new application that is just introduced in Nigeria to give Nigerians access to loans without any hassle. The new application has been getting much attention but however, many applicants and intending applicants are still being wary of this application. Many believe it is fake.

Today, this website will review everything on Kmimk and clarify the question that people have been asking about the legitimacy of the Kmimk app. Other information concerning the Kmimk loan app will also be attended to in this article.

What is Kmimk Loan?


Kmimk Loan is one of the newest loan application companies, who through his application and website, has been providing personal loans for Nigeria. The company only focuses on loans that may be needed for personal usages like paying utilities, buying new items and some other personal needs.

The loan makes applying for loans so easy as it doesn’t demand much from its intending applicants. The applicant only need to add an ATM card and also provide his BVN. So far, you are a Nigerian, the approval message will be gotten within 24 hours.

How to Apply for Kmimk Loan

In a straightforward process, intending applicants of this loan must follow the following steps while trying to obtain loans from the company:

  • Visit Google Playstore to download the Kmimk loan app .
  • After the downloading, register your details ( intending applicants must know that the information given must tally with the one on their BVNs)
  • The registration will require us to add ATM card of any bank of our choice. The fee for adding ATM cards is always 30 Naira.
  • BVN as well will be required to be added in the course of registering.
  • After the registration, applicants can go back to their dashboard.
  • Click on Loan Qualifications
  • Click on the ones that you are qualified for.
  • Wait for approval ( it is always 24 hours).

The registration is all done at this stage. However, individual should be careful of some people that are parading themselves as the agents of this loan and require money before registration. They are only out there to scam the gullible and the ignorant.

Kmimk Loan App Requirements

To increase the chance of being granted approval while applying for this loan, there are some criteria to be met. These criteria generally include the following among other requirements that are needed by the company:

A Nigerian Resident

The loan for now focuses on Nigerians. So, applicants must ensure that they are from Nigeria before they apply for it. To ensure that there is no false declaration of country, there will be KYC process which include customers submitting their Nigerian documents.

Stable Source of Income

Applicant will have his chance increased if he included a stable and regular source of income. This will let the company be rest assured that you are likely to pay up your loan as and when due.

However, this doesn’t mean that someone without sources of income will not be granted, the chance may be slim.

Legal Age

Kmimk loan requires the applicants to be of legal age. Im Nigeria, the legal age for obtaining loan is 18 years and above. Any applicant that has not reached this age may not be granted approval if he applies for the loan.

Presentation of legal documents

Kmimk will require the applicants to submit some legal documents. This will serve as collateral in case the applicants want to default in his payment. The documents include ATM cards, BVN and other sensitive documents.

No low credit score.

Though there is no usage of credit score, Kmimk does check the past loan activities of its customers. It will check whether the applicants have not defaulted in his previous loans.

Internet Enabled Phone

The application for Kmimk loan cannot be completed except we use internet enabled phones. This means that we will be needing phones that can be collected with the internet through data, wifi, routers, hotspot and other means.

It can be done on laptop or any internet enabled device.

Why You should Choose Kmimk loan?

There are many reasons why people always want to go for Kmimk loan. Among those reasons why the loan should be chosen over other loans include the following:

Low interest rate

Kmimk offers low interest rate. This means users do not need to be scared to obtain loan from the company since they know the money to be paid is somehow low at the end of the expiration of the loan.

Quick Approval

Within 24 hours, applicants must have known his fate when Kmimk loan. Once an applicant has fulfilled the necessary requirements as stated by the loan company, then there may not be the delay in the approval of the loan.

Grant Personal Loan

Kmimk loan has made it possible for people to be granted personal loans. There may be many reasons why the application doesn’t grant business loans but the reason may not be unconnected with the fact that Kmimk target only low earners.

Fast Disbursement

Kmimk loan makes disbursement easier. We can get access to our money the same day we applied for the money. This is one of the reasons why many people choose the Kmimk loan as their favorite app to obtain loan from.

Kmimk Loan Rejects My Application.

There are many reasons why your application may be rejected. The common ones is that you didn’t meet up with the requirements that are stated above. If you are not a Nigerian or you are not up to 18 years, which is seen as the legal age, you may not be considered for the loan.

However, you can still reapply for the loan when you meet up with the criteria that are stipulated by the managements of the Kmimk loan.

How Much Can I Borrow from Kmimk Loan?

Kmimk loan gives access to its customers to have access to a loan as low as 500 naira and high as 100, 000 Naira. This is may be enough as well to take care of a personal issues. The interest rate as well is around 5% to 15%.

Kmimk loan does give its debtors as low as 3 months to do the repayment.

How to Repay Kmimk Loan.

To repay the Kmimk loan, we can easily visit the website and follow the laid down steps on how the money borrowed can be repaid. After payment, we need to wait for the approval of our repayment. This will also change in our dashboard.

What if I Don’t Repay My Kmimk Loan?

In the first instance, it is not a good thing not to repay any loan, being it Kmimk loan or others. Refusal to pay loans in general will automatically denying others from benefiting from such an opportunity.

In case of Kmimk loan, the company may report you to the law enforcement agents. Remember, you have submitted all your legal documents. They may report you to your bank to freeze your bank accounts.

In a milder judgement, the company may add fine to the money that will be paid. This means, the applicants may be asked to pay additional money on the capital borrowed.

Kmimk loan: Is it Legit or Scam?

This is the final verdict that most people want to hear. With the available review that we have gotten and some deep research that we have conducted. The application is legit as at the time of writing this article.

Users can take advantage of this, if need loan, apply for loan which well be approved within a day and be disbursed probably the same day. We should make sure we don’t borrow more than our capacity.

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Kmimk loan app is one of the newest apps on Nigeria that grants loan to the users. This app ensures that individuals have access to loans easily. This article has made readers know some of the requirements and as well reasons why applications for the loans may be rejected.

In case we want to ask a question or render suggestions, advice and contributions to the post or on other topics on this website, you can use the comment box.


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