Visas and Passports For England


A signed, current passport from your home country that won’t expire for at least six months after your anticipated return date is required in order to study abroad.

Make sure you apply for or renew your passport as soon as you can if you don’t already have one or if it’s about to expire. U.S. Citizens may consult the U.S. Department of State’s website for further information pertaining to passports.


A student visa is an endorsement that is added to a government passport, which permits foreign students to study t a country’s qualified educational institutions.  Any prospective student seeking higher education in another country must obtain a student visa from that country.

Typically, it takes the shape of a passport stamp that is placed there. All year-long students and students taking part in internships in London need a student visa.

U.S. citizens who are enrolled in a single semester (less than six months) of study in England will come via the “visitor Route” and won’t need to submit a visa application before leaving.

However, they will need to get the paperwork ready to show border control when they get to the UK.

A student visa must be obtained prior to departure for yearlong students and anyone taking part in an internship through their host university (regardless of the program’s duration). Prior to departure, students must finish the application process for a student visa. You will have to show up in person at a biometrics center to finish this procedure.

The Visa Guide, which you will get about four months before the commencement of the program, will contain additional material that will be posted to your USAC Student Gateway account. Any questions you may have regarding visas can also be answered by program directors at the central office.

You are responsible for covering all expenses, including travel, associated with getting a visa.

Non-U.S. Citizens

Consult the embassy of the nation where you want to study as well as the consulate of your home country for information on visa requirements. U.S. citizens who live there permanently Immigration status could be at risk if a person leaves the country for longer than a year.

In these circumstances, tax clearance and re-entry forms might also be required. If you are from a non-English speaking nation, you might need to submit a certificate or test proving your English competence.

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