How to Transfer 1gb Data from Airtel to Airtel: 4 Easy Ways

How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel is what we want to focus on today. This is because there are many users that do not know how they can share data with their loved ones. Not only that, intending users of Airtel as well need to know how to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel.

Airtel  is one the biggest telecommunication networks in Nigeria and as make it possible for the users to transfer 1gb and more to their friends and families without stressing themselves. This article will reveal the simpler ways this can be done.

How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel: The guidelines.

There may be many reasons why users of Airtel users may want to transfer data to other users. It may in a case of emergency or just to show care for one another. However, this does can be frustrating sometimes when we do not simple method or any way of learning how to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel at all.

There are four various ways by which users can transfer data to their loved ways. These four ways will be what the article will walk the readers through for them to choose the one they may like. The four ways include the following:

  • Using Airtel Me2U.
  • Using Data Gifting Option.
  • Transfer using SMS.
  • Using the internet.

Airtel Data Transfer Trick.

To get the transfer of data done quickly, users can easily dial on their Airtel SIM, *141*6# and follow the onscreen instructions that will be shown after dialing the code. This is the fastest way of learning how to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel.

Though there are other methods to be used, users prefer that short method to get their data transfer done.

How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel using Airtel Me2U.

Users can use this method when the person that wants to transfer has more than enough data to transfer. This means, the sender will not have to spend additional money in buying another data before doing the transfer, rather the transfer will be deducted from his account balance.

To do this, the following steps must be painstakingly followed:

  • Dial *141*6#.
  • Select an option that says data Me2U.
  • Select 2 that says Send Me2U.
  • Enter the recipient phone number.
  • Enter the amount of data to be sent.
  • Confirm with your code.

Users should know that it may be somehow impossible for senders 1gb data and above. Therefore, the highest which is 500 megabytes should be sent twice to make it 1gigabyte.

How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel Using Data Gifting.

This is a sharp opposite of data Me2U option. In this way, the sender is buying data from the Airtel service to the recipient. To do that, the following steps must be taken:

  • Dial *141#
  • Select the option that has Gifting and Sharing.
  • Select option 2 which is Data Sharing.
  • Select the type of bundle that you wish to buy for the recipient.
  • Select that you want to buy from the listed amount.
  • Enter the recipient number.
  • Confirm the number before sending.
How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel

How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel through SMS.

For those that may not like the first two methods, there are still an option of using SMS to send the data to our families and friends. This may take a longer process but we will achieve the same result.

Before doing this, we need to add the recipient number to our list of beneficiaries. This can be done using this method:

  • Navigate to the Message button.
  • Send SHARE to 121.

There will be instructions to be followed after sending the message. The next thing to do after that is to send the following message again:

SMS ADD (space) number of the recipient. Then send it to 121.

For instance, you can send ADD O812327**** to 121.

The sender will follow strictly the instructions that will follow.

How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel using the internet.

It is also possible to send data from Airtel to Airtel using the internet. Before we do this, we must ensure that we are connected to the internet. Aside from this we can easily check our data by dialing*140# and wait for our reply through the SMS.

After we must have confirmed our data balance, we can now continue following the steps:

  • Long in to this website.
  • Enter your Airtel number.
  • Copy the OTP sent to your number to confirm your log in.
  • Now you can buy data for your friend using this website.

Airtel to Airtel Transfer Code

To transfer to your friend that’s using Airtel from your own Airtel line, you can dial the following code *141#. And then you follow the instructions as explained above. You will need your PIN to complete the transaction. The default PIN is always 1234.

However, users can change this default PIN before learning how to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel following the instructions:

  • Dial*141#
  • Press the option that says, change the default PIN.( 1234)
  • Enter your preferred PIN.
  • Confirm your Preferred PIN.
  • Await SMS to confirm the success of your transaction.

However you can delete the beneficiary if there is need to do so in the future. You will still need to use SMS to get a quicker process.

SMS DEL ( you put the number that you want to delete) and then send to 121.

Summary of how to transfer 1gb Data From Airtel to Airtel.

Before you can transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel, the following must be done:

Checking Eligibility

Not all Airtel SIM can do the transfer. In fact, a new SIM cannot do transfer on Airtel. The only SIM card that’s authorized to do this trader is the SIM card that has been active for at least 3 months.

Have Enough Data

Before sending data to others, senders must ensure that there is enough data for the operation. We can check our data using *140#. Users can as well send *141# and follow onscreen instructions for data balance.

Using the USSD code

The first code to dial while transferring 1gb to your sender is *141#. Then the instructions that are given will be followed squarely.

Selection of Data Option

You will be asked to select your preferred package for your recipient. You can select a daily or weekly, monthly and other packages that are there.

Inserting the Recipient Number

Sender will insert our recipient number and make sure we confirm it before we send it.

Data Amount

Sender will choose from the amount and press next for confirmation.


An SMS will be received by the senders to show that the operation has successfully being processed.

Points to Note before learning how to transfer 1gb Data from Airtel to Airtel.

Users should note that data gifting and sharing together with data Me2U is done once in a day. That means you cannot do twice of it.

The highest you can send is 500 megabytes. If you wish to do more than that, you may consider doing it 500mb each.

There is no refund in data sharing. That’s why we need to be confirming the recipient number before we confirm from our end.

There is a charge accrue to each transaction that is made on the data transferring. The charge is calculated based on the price of the data sent.

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How to transfer 1gb data from Airtel to Airtel has been made from this article. Readers have known different methods by which they can easily transfer the data to their families and friends.

Any part of the article that may not be cleared for one reason or the other, the comment box should be used. The comment box will welcome your advice and suggestions.


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