How to Reverse FNB ewallet: 7 New Easy Ways (2023)

How to reverse FNB ewallet has been made easier these days. With the introduction of different modes by which this can be done. Unfortunately, there are still some users that don’t have access to how this can be done. This necessitates this article which may be of help to the new users to know how to reverse FNB ewallet and the old users to know some new information about FNB ewallet.

In this article, we will not only focus on how to reverse FNB ewallet but also, we will be addressing other issues that revolve around using FNB ewallet. You only need to pay attention to all the details as any mistake in the transaction may lead to loss of money.

FNB ewallet: What to Know About It.


How to reverse FNB ewallet

FNB ewallet is an innovation of FNB ( First National Bank) which allows users to send quick money to their friends and families together with making transactions may be online or during physical trading.

To be qualified to use the FNB ewallet, one must be a South African and as well registered with the necessary documents with the bank. The documents may include identities, phone numbers and other personal details that the bank may require before being a user.

How to Reverse FNB ewallet.

It is not uncommon for people to make mistake while transferring or making any transaction on any platform. There may be many reasons why people may make this costly mistake. The common one is inability to check the recipient account number while making the transaction.

What should we do in case this happens? Hope is not kost , there are several ways, according to the FNB official website, by which people can make corrections to this if it happens.

There are bascially two ways by which users can use to reverse any wrong transaction that’s made on this platform. And it is very necessary to learn how to reverse FNB ewallet because there is limitation to the number of days an applicant may wish to reverse the wrong transaction.

How to Reverse FNB ewallet Using USSD code.

How to reverse FNB ewallet with the USSD code is the simplest way out of the ways by which FNB ewallet can be reversed. This is because it doesn’t take time and can easily be done by anybody regardless of the phone that one is using.

To get that done, a user needs to follow the following steps:

  1. Dial *120* 321#
  2. Select Send Money Option. ( It is in number 4)
  3. Then select ewallet reversal ( it is in number 3).
  4. You will be shown the list of all the transactions that you you have made.
  5. Select the ones that you will like to reverse.
  6. Wait for SMS message to show that you have completed the steps.

How to reverse FNB using FNB Mobile Application

Though, FNB has recently launched its mobile app, there is no option by which users can reverse their wrongly made transaction as the time of writing this article.

However, I won’t be surprised if the feature is later added following the popular demand by the users of the FNB ewallet. For now, users can still perform other functions on the application easily and conviniently.

How to Reverse FNB ewallet Using Customer Care Helplines.

I will suggest customers use this as the last resort. This s because it is not as effective and easy as the first one. This include calling the customer care center. Remember that the call doesn’t come freely. There is a charge to every call.

Users always find this method very stressful because the calls may not be attended to on time. This may not be deliberate, there are many users that need the attention of the customer care.

The process includes giving the right information on the transaction to the customer care for the necessary steps to be taken.

FNB ewallet Helplines: How to Reach the FNB Customer Care.

There are different ways by which people can reach the FNB ewallet customers care but the major ones are either through calling or you message using your mail.

You can reach the customer care on phone by calling 0875759405. You can as well mail at

How Long does Money Stay in the ewallet FNB?

After knowing how to reverse FNB ewallet, there is need to learn some other things like the subtopic asks. After a successful completion to the recipient, the money will last 4 hours in the recipient account. This means, the recipient must withdraw the money before the expiration of the 4 hours.

FNB ewallet PIN expired: What to do?

Like I said earlier, if the recipient doesn’t withdraw thr money within 4 hours time-frame, it means the PIN will expire and the recipient needs to generate another PIN to initiate another transaction.

In order to generate another PIN to withdraw the stuck money, the recipient will need to dial *120*277#. With this, another PIN will be generated for the transaction.

Can you Reverse FNB ewallet after 24 hours?

It is still highly possible for a transaction to be reversed after 24 hours. If the sender gets to know of his wrong transaction after 24 hours, he only needs to follow the step that I highlighted on how to get the ewallet reversed.

However, there may not be reversal on the money if the recipient has withdrawn the money. This is the best reason to double check the details of the recipient before submitting a transaction and learn how to reverse FNB ewallet in case ugly issue like this happens.

How long does Money Stay in ewallet FNB ?

The question will be answered in two ways. I will shed more light on how much the money can last with the recipient and how much the money can stay in case there is reversal issue.

The money can stay with the recipient as long as he wishes to withdraw the money. However, after PIN has been generated, the money can only last 4 hours before it should be withdrawn.

In case there is reversal, after the neccssary information has been submitted, the FNB will use 4 days to process this reversal and take another 15 days before the money is finally reversed. Remember these days do not include the weekends, it is purely business days.

This is the reason why one must be careful with the transaction to avoid waiting this long to get the money reversed.

How much does FNB ewallet charge for reversal?

In the course of learning how to reverse FNB ewallet, we must learn how much each transaction charges for this reversal. The cost of each transaction is R50. This means a user must have at least R50 in his account before initiate this transaction.

How do I Find out If My FNB ewallet Has Gotten Reversed?

The best way to know this is by making a call through to the care to confirm the status of the wrong transaction. The customer care details have already been given in this article.

However, before calling the customer care, we must make sure we have waited 15 days that the transaction is believed to have completely reversed.


How to reverse FNB ewallet has been made simpler with this article, that’s my believe. And I hope that users, both existing and new would have gained some information reading this. If yes, you can comment in the box below.

For those that read the article but still find some areas not cleared can as well feel free to use the comment box for the necessary steps on how to get the process done.

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