How to Get Free Robux: 9 New Proven Ways (2023)

How to get free Robux is what I will be focusing on today. Robux is a virtual currency that it is needed to play Roblox, an online game that allows users to play a game created by another player as well as play with computer.

To however get the best function of this game, we must have Robux. This has always been a headache to the players of this game. This problem has made learning how to get free Robux necessary to learn.

Today, on the website, I will let you know where you can get free Robux and how to differentiate the fake Robux coins from the original ones.


How to get free Robux

Robux Coins: What’s It All About?

Robux is an e-currency or virtual coin that is needed to play Roblox, a game that was developed in 2004 by both David Baszuck and Erik Cassel an released in 2006. The game allows users to have access to games created by another players.

The game is meant to be played for free. But to enjoy some premium features and as well to get some more adventures, there may be need to get Robux coins, the coins that will be used to unlock some features.

Getting this online coin has been a very difficult task for many reasons. This has been the reasons why most players have always resulted to find different ways by which they can learn how to get free Robux instead of paying money to get this coins.

The first reason why players do find it difficult to get this coins is that there are various third party websites that are always after scamming players whenever they want to get this coins on their websites. Some players have even fallen victims of information stolen as their information has been leaked online.

Another reason why users always want to learn how to get free Robux is that the price at which these coins are sold at the official website and even some reputable websites is always at high side. Hence, players prefer using the short cut of learning how to get free Robux.

How to Get Free Robux Code?

This has been the catchy line that most fake websites always use to get the attention of the players. The truth is that there is no really a free promo code for Robux. In fact, the creators of the Robux hardly run free promo code on their websites, however, free code can be gotten if one is lucky following the official website on some social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others.

How to get free Robux : 9 Proven ways to get free Robux

Though there are different ways of getting Robux officially and legitimately, but most people will still prefer to get the coins without paying. That’s why I will be focusing on 8 proven ways of getting free Robux.

Microsoft Rewards Points

The first method I am sharing on how to get free Robux is for the residents of the United States of America. Users that has proven identities of being the United States citizens. Microsoft is one of the official partners of the Roblox games.

Users can be given free Robux points if they perform some specific functions that Microsoft asks them to. Some of the functions can be to use Microsoft Bing to search online, to make payment. Users can redeem the coins in form of Robux.

Charging Other Users to Play Games.

Another way of getting free Robux points is to charge other users for playing our games. Like I said before, Roblox game allows users to create games that will be played by other users. Players can charge other users some points for playing these games.

Codes from Other Websites

There are websites that give free Robux points and as well teach how to get free Robux. This websites may ask us to complete some tasks before we are qualified for the codes. However, we need to becareful while using this method as there are many websites that are known for stealing users’ information.

Official Events and Promo

Though, this is not a guarantee way of learning how to get free code, but it is one of the effective ways of getting free Robux. There are some instances that the official website, may want to reward their users by allowing them to earn Robux coins especially after they must have completed some tasks.

It is to be noted that most times, all these are always carried out at the social media outlets of the official website.

Selling of Games and Customized Clothes and Other Items

There are some players that do sell customized Avatars, clothes, emotes and others to other players. With this, they can get more Robux points since they charge in Robux coins.

Roblox Affliate Marketing

While looking for how to get free Robux points, players can partner with the Roblox Affliate Marketing. This will charge the players to be promoting the game on different social media and the payment will be in Robux points.

Free Robux Generator Software

There have been different websites that claim to allow their users to have access to generate free Robux. There are different ways by which this can be done. One of such websites is Robuxgenerator Incorporation. This company has been providing unlimited usages of coins for online games.

Engaging in Donation Games.

There are some people that always donate their coins to the creators of this game. And the creators in return, always use this donated coins in many ways. Among those ways is to give it free during playing of donation games.

Winning Giveaways

There are some websites and players that do give giveaways for their users. This can be to mark some events. To partake in this giveaways, users may have to meet some criteria that will be highlighted by the source of the giveaways.

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How to Get Robux for Kids.

Some people do not want their kids to go through the stress of getting free Robux points. Therefore, they use legitimate ways to get their Robux points. Among those ways include:

Buying from the Official Website

An intending buyers can buy from the official website of Roblox games. The process of this will later be explained. To make buying easier, the platforms have provided different payment methods.

Retail Stores.

There are some retailers that sell coins to online games, not only Roblox games but others like Dream League Soccer.

How to Buy Robux Points Legitimately

Having known different ways of getting Robux points legitimately, there is need to learn how to get Robux points from these websites. The following steps can be taken:

  • Log in to the official website of the vendors ( care must be taken to ensure that we use the official links)
  • Input your games’ account details.
  • Select the amount of coins that you want to buy.
  • Select the payment method that you want to use. ( There are payment methods like PayPal, credit or debit cards and gift cards).
  • Submit and wait for the coins to show on your dashboard.

These platforms do charge additional money while making purchase from their websites. So you must have more then enough money before you go ahead with the process.

How to Get 10,000 Robux Free

How to get free Robux points has been trending online these days, this has made different platforms to come up with the idea of giving out free Robux points. But there are some things to know before going for free Robux points.

Some of the times, these free coins may not work. Therefore, it is better to know deeply the platforms that we want to source the free Robux points. In fact, there are different websites that only aim at stealing the users information.

However, there are still some genuine websites that do provide its users free access to earn free Robux points. To have access this free 10, 000 Robux free, perform the following functions:

  1. Visit this website.
  2. Entire your username.
  3. Choose your platform.
  4. Select the amount of Robux points that you want ( it is always advisable to choose 9,999)
  5. The captcha should be verified

If all these steps are done correctly, we will be gifted with free 10, 000 Robux points free.


How to get free Robux points is that easy. But just like I warned severally in the article, we need to verify the source of the free Robux points before we go for the free one. This is because, many of the websites that have promised free points end up scamming users.

If we are not cool with the free ones, we can as well get the Robux points legitimately, by following the steps that I have highlighted above. This will be easier and safer as there won’t be issue of scamming.

In case, users have any problem in getting this done, you can use the comments box to write the problems encountered, for us, to give the appropriate advice. Other users can also give us advice and suggestions on the next games we should write on.


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