How to check SASSA balance: April 2023.

How How to check SASSA balance has been a trending search among the South Africans especially those that applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grants. There have been various ways by which SASSA balance can be checked. All these ways and more is what this article will put us through.

SASSA SRD R350: Everything to know about the grant.

How to check SASSA balance

SASSA is an agent set up by the Department of Social Development, which is primary saddled with the responsibility of helping South Africans that are under finacial problems. The agent doesn’t grant only citizens of South Africa but also naturalized citizens can also benefit from this grant.

The SASSA SRD grant which stands for Social Relief of Distress, was introduced immediately after the COVID 19 to cushion the effects of the virus on the citizens. However, this is just one out of other loans that SASSA does grant its citizens.

The grant, SRD, was originally slated to end in October 20022 but there have been extension to when the grants will end officially. Though, it has been rumored that it has ended in March 2023, there are still some applicants that are still been given chance to apply for the grant.

Having applied for this grants, it is very important to know how to check SASSA balance via many platforms. This will allow the applicants to know the status of its application and takes the necessary step to correct any issue that may come up.

How to check SASSA balance

How to check SASSA balance may be very easy depending on the platform that we are using. There are avenue to learn how to check SASSA balance using USSD, internet and even some applications. What really matters most is to get the ways by which this can be done.

Though there is no platform among these ways that doesn’t have its own unique and advantages and disadvantages. Each of them was introduced for some particular reasons. For instance, how to check SASSA balance using USSD is for those that are not using internet enabled devices, using WhatsApp is for those that doesn’t have applications on their phones.

There are some people as well that have SASSA ATM card and can easily use the card to check up their balances at any ATM gallery around them. No matter the way that we want to use to check SASSA balance, we should make sure we do it effectively.

How to check SASSA balance using ATM.

Since many people have had SASSA ATM card, there is a chance of them using it to check their balance. That’s not the only usage of the card. Just like any other bank’s card, the ATM card can still be used for many other functions which may include withdrawing of money.

However, for any applicant that wishes to use his or her SASSA ATM card to check his or her balance, the following procedures must be followed to ensure effective result:

  • Visit any bank’s ATM gallery.
  • Slot in your SASSA ATM card.
  • Input your unique personal pin.
  • Click on the check balance.
  • You may decide to print that transaction or not


How to check SASSA balance using ATM is as simple as that. And this is the main reason why many people will want to use ATM card since it is less stressful if compare with others.

How to check SASSA balance using USSD code on phone.

With some telecommunication networks like Telkom, MTN, Vodacom among others that are operating in South Africa, it is easier to check balance using USSD. However, this may not really be effective as many people have complained that they haven’t really made a successful transaction using this USSD code.

I will give out two USSD codes and I am sure there will be success story with either one of the two codes if the instructions on how to use them are thoroughly followed.

The first procedures are as followed:

  • Dial *120*3210#
  • Then follow the instructions that will prompt up to check the balance.
  • We must however make sure that we carry out the operation using our registered phone number.


There are many tendencies that the code may not work. So, in that case, we can easily use the alternative by following procedures on how to USSD code:

  1. Dial *120*69277#
  2. Then follow the instructions that will be popping up by replying with the appropriate number that the code will be shown.
  3. We must as well make sure that we use the number that we registered with.

How to check SASSA balance using WhatsApp

Checking SASSA SRD grants can be easily done on WhatsApp following the below procedures:

  • Text SASSA to 0820468553
  • Reply with Status
  • Then click on yes to the next prompt up message.
  • Reply with registered number.
  • And lastly, input reference number.

The balance status will be shown after taking all these steps.

How to check SASSA balance using Moya Application.

There are different applications that can be used to check SASSA balance, among them is Moya Application.

To start using Moya Application, the following steps must be followed:


  • Download Moya Application on Google Playstore.
  • Goto Discovery and select SASSA status.
  • Click on check SASSA SRD
  • Follow the pop up messages to get the status of your balance.

How much is SRD grant now?

The status of SRD grant has not been changed, people are still being granting R350 every months. However there have been many speculations that the grant will soon be increased to R700 per month.

How do I check my SASSA SRD R350

The same way we can check our SASSA balance is also the way we can check SRD balance or status too. We can use the USSD code, application and as well use the WhatsApp means to check the SASSA SRD balance.

We can as well check our status on SASSA SRD. All these are provided in the above information.


How to check SASSA balance using different means have been fully explained in the article. Some of these methods may not require us to use airtime while some may need us to use airtime and even internet enabling phone before we can have full access to it.

If there is any question to be asked concerning the articles, or there are comments to be added, including providing suggestions, the comment box can be made use of.

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