How to Cancel Subscription on Vodacom: Updated (2023)

How to cancel subscription on Vodacom should be learnt by any body that has chosen Vodacom as his or her communication network. Have you now been looking for easy ways by which you can cancel your subscription on Vodacom bascially because it is sucking your airtime? You don’t need to search further as this article will make the process simpler.

I will be working you through some different methods on how to cancel subscription on Vodacom as well as various reasons why you need to cancel subscriptions. Today in this article again, I will let you know different WASPs that you can subscribe to on Vodacom and how to cancel them all at the same time.

All Subscriptions Available for Vodacom Users.

Users of Vodacom directly or indirectly may fall into one of the categories of subscriptions that are available on Vodacom. That’s why users must know how to cancel subscription on Vodacom to avoid wasting of airtime as most of these subscription channels are auto renewal.

WASPs which means Wireless Application Service Providers is the first category to treat. What are WASPs? They are services from the third party which include MMS and SMS that are sent to the subscribers. It may include advertisments of products or to give information on some happenings and products.

There is is also Add to Bills Subscription for the Vodacom users. This service just like the first one (WASPs) is also from the third parties. Unlike, WASPs, it entails sending alerts on the services that we have subscribed for. For instance, it may be messages from Netflix, Electricity etc.

The third one is Vodacom V- line Contents. This is fe direct service from Vodacom itself. This will include subscription to some services like joke, traffic update, ringtone and other services.

Users should know that each of these services has its own unique way of canceling. A user may not get the desired result if the appropriate cancellation code is not used.

The code to cancel subscription on Vodacom for each category will also be discussed subsequently.

How to cancel subscription on Vodacom

How to cancel subscription on Vodacom using USSD

It is easier to use USSD service to cancel our subscription on Vodacom. This is because it doesn’t require to get connected to the internet neither do we any any hotspot whatsoever before we can can get this done.

We only need to follow the following steps to have a successful cancellation of subscriptions on Vodacom:

  • Dial *135*997#
  • Choose 1 which will give you access to view all your subscriptions.
  • You can choose the one that you wish to unsubscribe from.
  • Click next after clicking cancel to the one you wish to stop.
  • Then wait for SMS to confirm you have cancelled it.

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How to cancel subscription on Vodacom using mobile app.

It is easier to learn how to cancel subscription on Vodacom using mobile app if the following steps are followed:

  • Download the app from either Google Playstore or iOS store.
  • Install the downloaded app.
  • Log in to the app with your details.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Choose Manage Services.
  • The list of all the services will be shown.
  • Choose the one(s) that you wish to cancel.

When Can I cancel subscriptions on Vodacom

Users may decide to cancel any of the subscription anytime they wish to. But before we learn how to cancel subscription on Vodacom, we must first of check the subscription list that we are because each of them has different codes to stop or cancel the subscriptions.

For the WASPs, the users will need to dial *135*997#.

For the Vodacom V- line Contents, users will only dial *177#.

While the Add to Bill Services will dial *135*997#.

How do I check my subscription on Vodacom.

There are different ways by which we can check our subscription on Vodacom. The users can decide to use code, USSD or the mobile app to perform this function.

To use the USSD code to check our active subscription on Vodacom, users will need to dial *135*1*997#. Or do the following steps:

  • Dial *135*997#
  • Click on 1.
  • The list of all active subscriptions will be shown on the screen.

Users may also decide to use Mobile app to check his or her active subscriptions by taking the following steps:

  • Log in to the app.
  • Goto My Account.
  • Choose Manage Services.
  • All the active subscriptions will be listed.

Cancel WASPs Services on Vodacom: How Is it Done?

WASPs are Wireless Application Service Providers that are meant to provide on with some information. We don’t need to get connected before we use WASPs on our phones. Some of the examples of WASPs services that Vodacom provides include the following:

  1. Jokes
  2. News Updates
  3. Weather Report
  4. Ringtones
  5. Offers and Deals
  6. Horoscope
  7. Traffic Updates
  8. Entertainment etc.

It is very easier to get all these services canceled. We only need to dial *135*997#. This code will only work as USSD service.

The way to get it done on mobile app has been explained above.

How to Stop all Subscriptions on Vodacom?

Sometimes, users may be active in more than 1 service.

Canceling these services one by one can be very stressful. And to avoid the stress, we can easily cancel all the subscriptions once and for all.

To do that, we need to dial *135*2*997#. Alternatively, we can easily stop all the subscriptions using the USSD code.

  • Dial *135*997#
  • Press 2
  • Option will come asking you to confirm
  • Press 1 to confirm.

Requirements needed to cancel subscription on Vodacom.

Interestingly, there is no requirements needed before we cancel subscription on Vodacom. We only need to make sure that we are active on the services (subscriptions) before we go ahead in canceling the services. To get to know how to check whether we are active, we can easily dial *135*1*997#.

Should We Subscribed to WASPs on Vodacom.

This is a personal choice. Users may decide to subscribe to some of these Wireless Application Service Providers to get some hinted on any service. For instance, services like Traffic Updates will be very helpful for a user that always go out or may be going to work. He can easily take another route.

There are some that are fans of entertainment. They can easily get the latest gists in the entertainment sectors of they are active on the entertainment service of WASPs.

Why Do we need to know how to cancel subscription on Vodacom?

As good as WASPs is, there are many reasons why the services need to be canceled. One of the reasons why a subscriber needs to cancel these services is this it does waste airtime. Most of the deduct their money in your account monthly. In fact, most of them are also in auto-renewal.

Another reason why we need to cancel subscription on Vodacom is it does waste space. Most of these subscriptions come as text messages, hereby, eating all the spaces that are meant to be taken by some important text messages. Unsubscribing to them will create some spaces on our phone and devices.


This article has exposed readers to different and easy ways on how to cancel subscription on Vodacom. The readers now have access to the reasons why they have their airtime as a result of unsolicited messages from these services.

Readers, however, can clearly express themselves, in case, they cannot get some points clear or if there is some areas where this post didn’t cover. The comment box can be used for that purpose.

And I want to believe that readers have now learnt different ways on how to cancel subscription on Vodacom and can easily do this on their own.

This website still welcomes different opinions, suggestions and advice from readers. This can also be communicated using the comment box below.


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