How long Does EI Take to Deposit? : Lastest Information (2023).

How long does EI take to deposit? How do I know if my EI claims have been approved? Does EI get deposited at midnight? All these and many more are the questions on the lips of EI applicants. And this is why I am writing this article to make sure all these information are supplied answer to.

As inquisitive it may sound, it is better to know more about the EI before applying for it as this will make the approval so much quicker. That’s why today’s article will also focus on the eligibility of the EI but primarily on how long does EI take to deposit?

How long does EI take to deposit

Employment Insurance Payment: Everything to Know About it.

Employment Insurance commonly called EI is an innovative designed by the Canadian government to help people that are not with any means of livelihood. To get the record straight, people don’t qualify for this payment just because they don’t have work, they are qualified for losing their jobs as a result of some instances that are beyond their control.

The program was set up for people; to relieve people that have lost their jobs especially as a result of natural disaster, downsizing, lockdown and other factors that not speculative. This will reduce the level of dependency ratio in the Canada community.

It is not only those that are not working currently that can benefit from this scheme, people that cannot go to work for one reason or the other may also enjoy it. For instance, people that are taking care of their sick people, people or maternity leave among others.

The major reason why applicants want to know how long does EI take to deposit is that, that information and others will enable the applicants to plan against the money after he must have received the payment or even before the application is granted.

Another reason why applicant want to know how long does EI take to deposit is because they want to know whether it is worth the stress before they apply for the scheme. If it does take time, some applicants may see it as no worth applying for.

How to apply for Employment Insurance Payment

Before knowing how long does EI take to deposit, it is very important to have the knowledge on how to apply for EI. This knowledge will guide us while applying and will increase our chance of being chosen for the scheme.

Applicants need to apply for the loan immediately he stopped working. He must not by any means applying after 4 weeks that he has stopped working, otherwise, he may not be qualified for that scheme.

Applicant doesn’t need to wait for Report of Employment (ROE) from his former employer, though it will be needed. The wait may be too long than 4 weeks open window they EI requires. However, the employer can submit on behalf of this worker directly to the Service Canada.

Applicants can apply in two ways. Each of the way has its own advantage and disadvantages but they both has the same weigh and the means of submitting has nothing to do with the approval of the scheme at all. After the application, applicants may now be worried on how long does EI take to deposit.

  • Applicant can apply at Service Canada near you. What are required are SIN ( Social Insurance Number), Canadian government issued ID card, details about your recent job and ROE ( if available). After filling the form, you submit the original copy.
  • The second option is to apply online. You can do this at any time anywhere you can have access to the internet.

How do I know if my EI claims has been approved?

After you must have applied, the next thing is to be awaiting the results. How long does it take EI to do this? It should be a week after you must have applied. That’s when your application will be verified.

If you are chosen, you will be sent a four-digit number, which you will be used in the continuation of your verification. There will also be Benefit of Statement from the Service Canada. These are what you will be needed while tracking the progress of your application.

What if your application is rejected? It doesn’t mean that is the end. There is an open window to re-apply for the process using this link.

After your acceptance, before you know seek Amy information on how long does EI take to deposit, you must know what to do if your application is granted or approved. You need to be submitting report to EI every two week. The information will contain mainly your personal information and concerning your progress about getting a job or a work.

How Long Does EI take to Deposit?

This question is what majority of the applicants want to know. I have listed some of the reasons why many applicants really want to know this. To get the answer straight, EI will pay directly to the applicants, if they submit their bank accounts, in two days after they must have been granted approval.

In case of cheque, two weeks will be required to get this done. And 28 days will be when the applicants should wait after he has submitted the right documents needed and required by the Service Canada.

Does EI Get Deposited at Midnight?

The actual time that you will receive the money depends on so many factors, among them include your bank’s network and the time that you complete your processing of the scheme. This means you can receive the payment any time once your application has been granted.

However, you need to wait 7 days after you must have been granted approval before you can start receiving EI benefits. This period is known as waiting period.

There may be delay in the process of the payment due to public holidays. So if you have been granted approval and you have not been receiving benefits, you may have to wait till after any public holiday.

How Long Does EI Take to Deposit: Factors That May Determine.

There are some factors that can determine the time and duration that EI is being deposited into our account. Some of the factors include the following:

Public Holiday: Canada observes holiday on the first Monday of August. This may delay some applicants and beneficiaries that may be expecting EI payment that day. Other holidays will include Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, New year among others.

Late submission of severance pay form: Your former employment needs to consent to your leaving. That’s why it is necessary to have ROE. So, in case this is not summited or submitted late, it may also delay the receiving of benefits from Employment Insurance.

Refusal to submit EI Report: EI Report is done bi-weekly. You submit your state of things or status every two week. This will let Service Canada knows how much to pay and tax you. The moment you stop this report, the moment you are likely to be denied payment.

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Qualifications and Eligibility for Employment Insurance.

Before one can be granted loan on EI payment, there must be some criteria to meet. Among those criteria include the following:

  • The working hour of such an applicant must be 420 hours or more.
  • There must not be payment of salary for the last 7 days of the application.
  • Applicants must lose his job unplanned for.
  • Applicants must be searching for work.

This means that the the following people may not be seen as eligible for the EI payment:

  • Those that intentionally resign.
  • Those that are dismissed from work.
  • Those that are now working for some period of time maybe during lockdown, but not dismissed from work.

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How long does EI take to deposit has been made simpler through this article. This is not only information that this article provided for. There are still some pertinent info so that is needed to be known before applying for EI scheme payment.

In case there is any issue that’s not clear on the topic, that it, how long does EI take to deposit, readers can use the comment box to ask on those areas. There is also chance for users to raise suggestions, ideas and advice in the comment box as well.


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