Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Jobs in Canada

With over 8,000 hotels and resorts across the country, this industry plays a significant role in contributing
to the Canadian economy, generating over $17 billion in revenue annually.

One of the main reasons why the hotel industry is such a popular choice for job seekers is its diverse
nature. From luxurious five-star hotels to budget-friendly accommodations, there are options for every
type of traveler. This creates a high demand for skilled employees, making it an attractive field to work in.

The hotel industry in Canada is an exciting and rewarding sector that attracts individuals from all walks of
life. With its diverse range of job opportunities, potential for career advancement, transferable skills
development, and significant contribution to the economy, it’s no wonder why it remains a popular choice
for job seekers.

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Types of Hotel Jobs in Canada

Front Desk Staff:

One of the most common and essential roles in any hotel is that of front desk staff. These are the friendly
faces that greet guests upon arrival, handle check-ins and check-outs, answer phone calls and inquiries,
make reservations, and provide information about the hotel’s amenities and local attractions. Front desk

staff must possess excellent communication skills, be able to multitask efficiently, have strong problem-
solving abilities, and maintain a professional demeanor at all times.


Another crucial role within a hotel is that of housekeeping. Housekeepers are responsible for ensuring
that guest rooms are clean and well-maintained during their stay. This includes changing bed linens,
replacing towels and toiletries, dusting furniture, vacuuming carpets or mopping floors if necessary. They
also restock mini-bars with refreshments or snacks upon request. Candidates for this position should
have good attention to detail, physical stamina for tasks such as lifting heavy mattresses or standing for
long periods while cleaning.

Food & Beverage:

Hotels also offer various dining options for their guests which require personnel with experience in food &
beverage services such as restaurant servers or bartenders. Depending on the size of the hotel
establishment there may also be openings for chefs or cooks who prepare meals for guests staying at
the property.

Management Positions:

For those looking to advance their career within the hospitality industry there are several management
positions available in Canadian hotels such as

  1. General Manager (responsible for overseeing all aspects of daily operation),
  2. Department Managers (in charge of specific areas such as Food & Beverage operations or Front Desk
    operations) and
  3. Event Coordinators (responsible for organizing and coordinating events such as conferences,
    weddings or group bookings).

Other roles within the hotel industry may include:

  1. Concierge: Responsible for providing personalized services to guests such as arranging
    transportation, making reservations for activities or restaurants, and providing information about local
  2. Bellhop/Porter: Help guests with their luggage and provide assistance with any other needs during
    their stay.
  3. Maintenance: Responsible for maintaining the hotel’s facilities and ensuring they are safe and
    functional for guests. This can include tasks such as fixing plumbing issues, painting, or repairing
  4. Spa & Wellness Staff: Some hotels offer spa services and fitness facilities for their guests. Roles in this
    department may include massage therapists, estheticians, personal trainers, or yoga instructors.
  5. Event Sales & Marketing: In larger hotels or resorts, there may be a team responsible for selling and
    marketing event spaces to attract conferences, weddings, or other group bookings.
  6. Accounting & Finance: Hotels also require personnel to handle financial aspects such as bookkeeping,
    payroll management, and budget planning.

Qualifications and Requirements


In terms of education, most hotels in Canada require a high school diploma or equivalent as a minimum
requirement. But, having a post-secondary degree or diploma in hospitality management or related fields
can give you an advantage over other applicants.


This includes excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, the ability to work well under
pressure and handle difficult situations with tact and professionalism. Other important skills include
attention to detail, organizational abilities, flexibility, problem-solving skills and proficiency with


Having previous experience in the hospitality industry is highly valued by Canadian hotels. It shows that
you have an understanding of how the industry works and what it takes to provide top-notch service to


While not always necessary for all hotel jobs in Canada, certain certifications can make your application
stand out from others. Similarly, certification from organizations like the American Hotel & Lodging
Educational Institute (AHLEI) can showcase your knowledge of hotel operations and management.

Language Requirements:

Depending on the location of the hotel and its target market, having proficiency in both languages may be
an asset. In addition, knowing other languages such as Spanish, Mandarin or Arabic can also be
advantageous as it allows you to communicate with a diverse range of guests.

Job Market and Salary Expectations

One of the most popular positions in the hotel industry is that of a hotel manager. This role involves
overseeing all aspects of operations within a hotel, including staffing, budgeting, marketing strategies,
and customer service. Hotel managers are highly sought after in Canada, with an average salary ranging
from $60,000 to $100,000 per year. However, this can vary depending on factors such as location, size of
the property, and experience level.

Another popular position is that of a front desk agent or receptionist. This role requires excellent
communication skills and customer service abilities as they are often the first point of contact for guests.
The average salary for this position ranges from $25,000 to $40,000 per year.

For those interested in food and beverage operations within hotels, there are various roles available such
as restaurant managers or chefs. These positions require experience in culinary arts and management
skills. The average salary range for these roles is between $40,000 to $80 ,000 per year.

Housekeeping staff are also essential members of any hotel team. They ensure that rooms are clean and
tidy for guests’ comfort during their stay. The average salary range for housekeeping staff is between $30
,000 to $45 ,000 per year.

How To Apply

Many hotels now have online portals where candidates can submit their applications directly through their
website. However, some hotels still prefer applicants to apply in-person by handing in their resumes at
the front desk or sending them via email.

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