Opay USSD Code: New Updated Codes as at May 2023

Opay USSD code has been making banking easier for the users of Opay, a Fintech company commonly used by Nigerians. However, because this codes are just launched on Opay some years back, there are many users that don’t know how the codes work and even know some of these codes offhand. This article today will … Read more

How To Transfer Airtime on MTN: 2023 Updated.

How to transfer airtime on MTN

How to transfer airtime on MTN sometimes does give MTN users a lot of problems. This is because there are different ways by which how to transfer airtime on MTN can be done and if one is not familiar with those ways, the desired results may not be guaranteed. On this website today, I will … Read more

How to check SASSA balance: April 2023.

How How to check SASSA balance has been a trending search among the South Africans especially those that applied for the SASSA SRD R350 grants. There have been various ways by which SASSA balance can be checked. All these ways and more is what this article will put us through. SASSA SRD R350: Everything to … Read more