Best Remote Freelance Jobs in Canada

This article will outline the best remote freelance job in Canada one can access almost immediately. You will learn the key pointers in securing a remote freelance job and what employers expect from you as a freelancer working for them.

The uniqueness of a freelance job is the flexibility it offers, which allows you to work at your own favorable time and schedule. Most freelance jobs require you to possess these basic skills; computer skills, communication skills and internet usage skills.

This is because, most of the remote freelance jobs that are available can be gotten online, you need to bid or convince the person hiring, and most importantly you need to know how to use many of these platforms that jobs are listed on; example Fiverr.

Below I will outline some of the best remote freelance jobs available in Canada and the best way to position yourself to cash in on one of these.

Writing Jobs

As blogs, websites and e-learning platforms are springing up every day, there is a high demand for content writers. These range from articles, sales copies, product descriptions, courses, movie scripts, novels, newsletters reports etc, the list is just endless. If you are good at writing, you should consider taking a freelance job to either complement your full-time job or as a second source of income.

Also, if you’d love to write but don’t know how to go about it professionally, start by taking courses on writing. You can start from platforms like Udemy, Coursera and YouTube. Use this to sharpen your skills before you begin your journey to the freelance writing world.

Web Development

The world is evolving gradually every day, and it is tilting more towards the science and technology industry. Every organization and businesses now need a website to showcase their product or services. Placing yourself in the right position as a freelance web developer is one of the best jobs one could find.

But before you can benefit from this, you will need an adequate amount of knowledge on web development and design. To achieve this, you can enroll for virtual classes and courses to acquire this much needed skill to start landing good paying gigs for yourself.

Social Media Management

A social media manager’s work is primarily on managing different social media accounts and pages of individuals or companies in order to build good relationships with public or customers, create brand visibility and most importantly drive conversion and interest on the personality of the company so managed.

As a social media manager, you need to be super creative with a good level of tolerance on people because you will be engaging with people of different ideas, culture and opinions and you won’t want to set a bad impression on the brand you are managing.

Virtual/Support Assistant

A support assistant or agent takes care of the company’s support channels ranging from emails to live chats, more like a Crypto Community Manager. He responds to customer’s/visitors emails, queries and complaints, then finds the most fitting solution or answers to these queries, thereby retaining a customer. He also helps customers and visitors navigate the website or app, explore the functions and the features of the website, product or services.

Companies Offering Remote Jobs for Freelancers

Below are the top companies in Canada with opportunities for freelancers to land remote jobs based on their skills.

Moneris Corps

This is a company based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in payment processing. When discussing payment processors in Canada, they always make the list as one of the best. They facilitate and help lots of Canadian businesses in payment collections, thereby increasing their profitability and effectiveness. There are lots of opportunities here for freelancers.

IBM Corporation

IBM specializes in hardware development, software, consulting, and their robust storage solutions. They are known for their cloud-based data analysis offerings to both small-scale and large-scale platforms. Opportunities are also present in this company for freelance jobs.


The popular Shopify company is also located in Canada. It is an ecommerce company offering cutting edge tools for merchants to run their online businesses successfully. Shopify offers solutions for payments, marketing inventory etc. There are lots of remote freelance opportunities in Shopify directly and indirectly on platforms deploying the Shopify tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will discuss some of the questions freelancers asked, and also provide clear and straight to the point answers to them.

Is Canada Good for Freelancers?

Currently, self-employment has taken a greater percentage of the workforce in Canada. People now prefer to use their skills to earn a decent living rather than look for office jobs.

How Can One Work Remotely in Canada?

First off, you need to know the kind of skills that are needed before you decide if you are qualified for a remote job. Most importantly, you will need a temporary resident visa and a work permit to work legally in Canada.

Which Freelancing Job is Best for Beginners?

As a freelancer, you need to be honest with yourself first. Realize your skill limits and choose jobs that match the skill set you have. Like we have discussed above, we made mention of some of the best remote jobs freelancers can get, these are also beginner friendly.


Most People sometimes are not aware of the income they can possibly bring home working as freelancers in Canada. They focus mostly on getting office jobs thereby missing out on the opportunities remote freelance jobs offer

This article has shown you some of the best remote freelance jobs one can get in Canada and a short-detailed list of some top companies offering such opportunities.

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