Best Football Books To Read

Here, we shall study “The 30 Best Football Books To Read”. Meanwhile, some of the important books to read are: One Night In Turin by Pete Davies, The National Team by Caitlin Murray, How To Win The World Cup by Chris Evans, Ultra by Tobias Jones, etc.

Overview Of The 30 Best Football Books To Read

Football has an undeniable power to captivate and inspire, both on and off the pitch. The world of football literature offers a treasure trove of knowledge and entertainment.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan, a young enthusiast, or simply curious about the sport, these 30 books are very essential for you to read. Impressively, it proves to immerse you in the rich history, drama, and passion of the beautiful game of football.

1. One Night In Turin by Pete Davies

Pete Davies‘ book offers an enthusiastic inside look at the events of Italia ’90. Here, he had the unique opportunity of spending nine months with the team under the leadership of the legendary Bobby Robson. A tense penalty shootout that took place during the tournament would have a significant impact on England for a long time. Even if 1966 was the pinnacle of English football, the 1990 World Cup was the catalyst for one of the most heated disputes regarding national essentialism in England in the 1990s.

Pete Davies’s All Played Out is a fantastic record of that World Cup and the final days of English football before the advent of the Premier League. There was a stirring among the players on the national squad during a time when English club teams were still isolated by the European ban imposed after the riots at Heysel Stadium.

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2. Inverting The Pyramid by Jonathan Wilson

This book arrived precisely when it was needed for introspection. The country was pondering how an England team including Wayne Rooney, Gary Neville, and John Terry had not made it to the Euro 2008 tournament. Wilson effectively and succinctly clarifies this by guiding us through a narrative of formations other than 4-4-2.

To comprehend the tactical brilliance of contemporary Barcelona, one must first understand how their method of play developed from Dutch “Total Football,” which was a development of the Scottish passing game that Queens Park invented in the 1870s and that Tottenham Hotspur adopted in the 1930s. Inverting the pyramid does just that. If you’re a coach, spectator, player, or fantasy manager of the beautiful game, you need to read Inverting the Pyramid. It’s been called the ‘Big Daddy’ (Zonal Marking) of football tactics books.

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3. The National Team by Caitlin Murray

The US women’s national soccer team, with four World Cups and four gold Olympic medals to their name, stands as one of America’s most notable contributions to the world of sports.

In her book, prominent football journalist Caitlin Murray highlights the team’s remarkable achievements and record-breaking performances. Also, she showed significant financial success and the widespread respect they have garnered. In addition, she shed more light on an often underestimated aspect of our sport. Despite their accomplishments and the presence of prominent players on their teams, they have been subjected to severe challenges such as minimal pay, poor playing conditions, and a lack of access to the professional league.

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4. I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic by Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Lagercrantz

I Am Zlatan Ibrahimovic was published before his move to PSG. It details Zlatan’s upbringing in the Malmo suburb of Rosengaard and his football career, including his thoughts and feelings at both the high and low points.

This explosive autobiography takes readers on a journey through Zlatan’s life, from his childhood immigration to Sweden to his meeting with his wife Helena. Also, it provides inside details about one of football’s most significant rivalries.

The key to understanding his narrative is this: Every human being, including him, has felt the need to impress, the desire to win, the feeling of being down, not himself, and loneliness. Readers, he says, shouldn’t try to emulate him but should instead do what seems right for them. Zlatan’s memoir serves as an engaging and inspiring lesson in self-confidence, making it a must-read for any football enthusiast.

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5. How To Win The World Cup by Chris Evans

Just 20 coaches have successfully led their national teams to win the World Cup in 90 years of World Cup action. In his publication, Chris Evans delves into the quest for the hidden strategies and crucial elements behind triumph in the globally renowned football championship. The book incorporates perspectives from journalists, players, and coaches with first-hand experience of the World Cup, all striving to unravel this enigma.

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6. Ultra: The Underworld of Italian Football by Tobias Jones

Italy is home to some of the fiercest football enthusiasts worldwide. Also, this in-depth publication explores the conservative subculture that is frequently likened to British hooliganism. Tobias Jones intimately engages with ultras associated with Italy’s top teams in a powerful account that earned the title of Football Book of the Year.

Italy’s ultras set the standard for hooligan gangs everywhere as the original and fiercest. Similarly, Italy’s hierarchical, super-organized supporter groups were among the first to find ways to monetize their passion for a certain team or player. The ultras have strayed far from the “beautiful game” by engaging in activities such as ticket scalping and drug peddling.

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7. Wings Of Change by Karan Tejwani

In 2005, Red Bull took a risk by purchasing their modest and financially challenged hometown football club in Salzburg. Shortly thereafter, the team underwent a transformation in terms of its identity and has consistently ranked either first or second in the league ever since.

Karan Tejwani’s book provides a comprehensive and impartial analysis of how Red Bull has boldly initiated an empire that is significantly reshaping the landscape of football.

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8. The Man Who Saved FC Barcelona by Sue O’Connell

Patrick O’Connell transformed his time as a player in the English leagues into a prosperous stint as a football manager in Spain. His most significant achievement was leading Real Betis to their only La Liga title. The most notable aspect of his remarkable story, as beautifully narrated by his grandson’s wife, is how he saved Barcelona from financial collapse while acting as their manager during the Spanish Civil War.

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9. Manchester United, The Treble And All That by Matt Dickinson

1999 holds a special place in the hearts of Manchester United supporters, as it marks the year when they secured the treble. They claimed victory in the FA Cup, Premier League, and Champions League. Football journalist Matt Dickinson from The Times revisits the remarkable feat in his analysis.

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10. Tears At La Bombonera by Christopher Hylland

Christopher Hylland, after spending a considerable period in nations like Argentina and Colombia, developed a deep admiration not just for the local lifestyle but also for the distinct style of football, recognizing the inherent connection between the two in that region. His book can be seen as a heartfelt tribute to the diverse and passionate world of South American football.

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11. The Accidental Footballer by Pat Nevin

Pat Nevin initially had no desire to pursue a career in professional football, but his exceptional talent ultimately compelled him to embrace it. He’s a fascinating personality both on and off the pitch, and his book eloquently blends his passion for football and music.

Within its pages, readers can delve into his experiences, including his nights out at the Hacienda and his decision to reject a contract with Chelsea in favor of travelling across Europe.

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12. The Barcelona Legacy by Jonathan Wilson

The Barcelona Legacy delves into the idea that Johan Cruyff had a significant influence on modern football. While various publications, including one from Cruyff himself, discuss this topic, Jonathan Wilson skillfully compiles the evidence in a concise football book that encapsulates the essence of Cruyff’s football philosophy.

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13. Lioness – My Journey To Glory by Beth Mead

The Lionesses achieved victory as they were declared the European Champions in 2022. Beth Mead, a part of that memorable team, recounts her remarkable footballing voyage from Hinderwell to Wembley Stadium.

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14. Be Good, Love Brian by Craig Bromfield

Publications offering insights into well-known individuals are commonplace. But, Craig Bromfield’s firsthand experience living with Brian Clough for nine years gives him a unique perspective on the renowned Nottingham Forest manager. It presented a revealing portrayal of a figure known for his daring brilliance.

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15. The Second Half by Roy Keane with Roddy Doyle

This memoir delivers exactly what one would anticipate from a publication about the beloved, gruff commentator. Continuing where the initial memoir concluded, it is replete with even more daring tales and accounts involving his colleagues.

This widely popular memoir chronicles his journey from the conclusion of his playing days to a candid depiction of the commencement of his managerial career.

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16. Building The Yellow Wall by Uli Hesse

The enormous yellow wall, renowned as the world’s largest terrace, is a magnificent spectacle akin to the Kop. How did a team such as Dortmund transform from near collapse in the early 2000s to becoming one of the most renowned teams in Germany, if not all of Europe? Uli Hesse’s book celebrates the exceptional fans of Westphalia’s greatest treasure.

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17. Pep Confidential by Marti Perarnau

Marti Perarnau, a former Olympian, spent a year closely observing Guardiola during and after his transformative break in New York. The outcome is an insightful portrayal of the tactics-driven Pep Guardiola, revealing the extensive dedication and meticulous effort invested by the brilliant manager.

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18. The Age Of Football by David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt’s book delves into how football has become a global phenomenon, examining not only prestigious clubs but also delving into the political dynamics that shape the sport worldwide.

Goldblatt also sheds light on football’s presence in unexpected places like Ugandan prisons and Angola’s amputee football scene. Also, he addresses the FIFA corruption scandal, ultimately painting a comprehensive picture of the modern game.

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19. A Woman’s Game by Suzanne Wrack

Suzanne Wrack not only covers the past of women’s football in her writing, but also importantly envisions its future potential. If you’re interested in delving into the complete trajectory of women’s football, from its inception to its present state, this book is a must-read.

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20. Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Discover the life story of a football legend, as Sir Alex Ferguson recounts his early years in Glasgow, Scotland. Know all about his time managing Aberdeen in the early stages of his managerial career. Finally, learn about his remarkable reign at Manchester United.

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21. The Damned Utd by David Peace

Supporters might have been familiar with the well-received 2009 version featuring Michael Sheen in the role of Brian Clough, but this is the original source. This novel fictionalizes Brian Clough’s experiences as the manager of Leeds United. It interweaves flashbacks to his tenure at Derby Country and his enduring feud with his adversary, Don Revie.

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22. A Season With Verona by Tim Parks

In this book, Tim Parks embarks on a journey with Serie A team Hellas Verona throughout Italy for a football season filled with enthusiasm. He travels to all the home stadiums of the top Italian clubs, offering an honest and unvarnished perspective on a country he holds dear. He didn’t let his romanticized views taint his storytelling.

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23. Brilliant Orange by David Winner

This publication delves into the mindset and customs of the Dutch, exploring their exceptional prowess in football. It opens with the line: “While reading this book on Dutch football, you might eventually question the extensive coverage of topics such as art, architecture, livestock, waterways, individuals opposing authority, religious painters, Jewish leaders, and air travel.”

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24. Das Reboot by Raphael Honigstein

Das Reboot recounts the tale of how the German national football team revitalized itself following its struggles to replicate the achievements of their 1996 squad. The book leads readers on an exciting global exploration to uncover the essence of the distinctive German style of play.

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25. How To Watch Football by Tifo

Become familiar with the principles of football as depicted in the lively new publication by Tifo. It explores the fundamental ideas, strategies, and ideologies that influence the sport in the present day. This compact handbook is essential for those looking to enhance their understanding of the sport.

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26. My Life In Red And White by Arsene Wenger

Ferguson and Wenger shaped the football landscape prior to the emergence of Guardiola and Klopp. They were two influential figures in English football for an extended period.

Presently, the individual from France, instrumental in re-establishing Arsenal’s prominence in European football, recounts his journey from his early days at Highbury to the iconic Invincibles era. An essential read for supporters of Arsenal and football aficionados alike.

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27. Remarkable Football Grounds by Ryan Herman

If you’re a fan of books with a focus on photography, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Remarkable Football Grounds examines some of the most extraordinary football arenas worldwide. It ranges from stadiums on the windy islands of the Scottish Hebrides to those situated in the distant reaches of the Pacific. This book offers a comprehensive exploration of it all.

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28. Footballer by Kelly Smith and Lance Hardy

Kelly Smith, the leading goal scorer for the England women’s team, contributed significantly to Arsenal’s numerous trophy victories. However, she also confronted and conquered struggles with depression and alcohol addiction during her journey.

Revealing the depths of her determination and love for the sport, “Footballer” narrates Kelly Smith’s remarkable life journey in her own voice.

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29. My Life In Football by Kevin Keegan

Starting from his days on the Doncaster reserves squad to achieving ultimate victory with Liverpool, the spirited and beloved player recounts his journey in an autobiography that encompasses an extensive five-decade-long profession. Football enthusiasts are sure to discover something both motivating and enjoyable within its pages.

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30. Expected Goals by Rory Smith

In contemporary football, advanced technology plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate decision-making during matches. Additionally, the analysis of sports data is instrumental in uncovering innovative strategies aimed at securing victory in every game. Rory Smith skillfully delves into the data-driven revolution that has become integral to the world of football.

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While the world of football literature is vast and diverse, the selection of the 30 best football books encompasses a rich tapestry of stories, insights, and analyses, celebrating the sport’s history, culture, and impact. There are still other exciting books out there, and more to come.

However, I believe you found this article helpful and informative.

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